Road to Competition

August Finals Update: Mary Beth Prodromides is now a 5 TIME World CrossFit Masters Champion!

Road to Competition- A Five Week Journey

Four-time Masters Champion (with six podium appearances) Mary Beth Prodromides qualified for the 2022 World CrossFit Masters Games where she will be competing for her fifth gold medal!

The Games are in early August, and this page will feature weekly updates, pictures, and videos showcasing her training in her SOMs to reach the podium once more.


Over the month of July, we have been detailing the weekly progress of four-time Masters Champion (with six podium appearances) Mary Beth Prodromides as she trains for the 2022 World CrossFit Masters Games and a possible fifth gold medal! The competition for her will start August 3rd through the 6th, and we will all be cheering her on as she competes on the global stage in her SOM shoes.


You can send your best wishes and cheer messages to her social media:


As July nears its end, Mary Beth is pushing herself in her SOMs towards the homestretch of preparing for the World CrossFit Masters Championship. Watch her crush the sled drag.



Mary Beth Prodromides is training in her SOMs for the 2022 CrossFit Games competition

Mary Beth's training is going well. From week to week, she's finding a safe and effective balance between current capacity and workout load. If these two elements are out of sync, it can lead to injury, so it is critical to find a healthy dance between the two. She says, "It is challenging. But every workout, my SOM shoes meet the challenge."


Mary Beth is hard at work training all aspects of her body and mind for the upcoming competition. The biggest challenge of the CrossFit Games is that athletes don't know what the events will be ahead of time, so you must prepare for anything. She loves weightlifting in her SOMs because their zero drop soles with wide toe-boxes allow her feet to be comfortable and level for safe and confident lifts.



This year, she is competing in her new category: 60-64 age group. She said the challenge is there and real with ferocious women who have the same goal as her. This is what she loves, competing against women who have the same drive as her. There is nothing better to improve what you do day after day.

She has said that her SOMs helped her qualify for the Games, and everyday she trains in them, her feet feel better and better. “I just ran almost 6 miles in my SOMs! Never once did I think about foot pain. That is not how it used to be in other brands.”


To learn more about Mary Beth and see why she chooses SOM “for training and for living,” see her story.

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