Minimalist Footwear

We receive a lot of questions regarding making the switch from conventional shoes to minimalist footwear. Whether it's just for casual wear or for running, hiking or Crossfit, there are things you need to know when transitioning to minimalist shoes.


We've turned to the pros to address your concerns and give you a few tips for transitioning to healthy footwear-

Transitioning From Conventional to Minimalist Shoes by Dr. Robyn Hughes, ND & Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM


Minimalist footwear is well loved by active skateboard practitioners. Here we are pleased to highlight one adept of this sport. His video shows how well a flexible shoe like SOM footwear is perfect for that kind of activities. N.B. provides individual job search and related assistance to adults recently released from incarceration. His passion to help is reflected in his day to day practice of his sport. (Find his website here.)