Trailhead sneakers are made in the US to strengthen your feet with every step.
SOM Footwear makes zero drop, barefoot feel shoes like the outdoor adventure series, Trailhead
Zero drop athletic footwear to improve your hiking and workouts. Go anywhere, do anything.
American made shoes from Colorado, the Trailhead sneakers made by SOM Footwear are water-repellent, abrasion-resistant
Trailhead shoes are zero drop with a wide toe-box to improve balance, posture, and strength
Trailhead TH4N Black
Som Footwear can be resoled to lengthen their lifespan.
SOM Sole, great grip, flexible, zero drop with 8 mm thickness
MAde in america shoes that fit your feet and allow breathable, flexible comfort from gym to hiking. Trailhead sneakers are durable and a perfect minimalist experience.
Bring balance, strength, and flexibility to your workouts.
Through resoling, our footwear becomes a renewable resource for you to get miles and miles out of.
Made in America footwear, made in Colorado shoes for men and women.

Trailhead TH4N Black

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Reduce the number of shoes you are taking with you!

One pair of shoes, limitless opportunities


The TH4 is your barefoot-style shoe answer for your outdoor adventures and overseas travels. 

Our customers have been doing  everything in their Trailhead making it one of the most versatile SOM sneakers since 2018.

  • Abrasion -resistant
  • Water-repellent
  • Traditional lacing system

Testimonial: One customer conquered all terrains at Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes Parks on a twelve day trip making the other overbuilt shoes jealous.

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      Key Features:

      • Upper fabric: SuperFabric® provides industry-leading performance and versatility. It is water-repellent, abrasion and stain-resistant, while being breathable and quick-drying.
      • Lacing: 6 rows of eyelets (Made in the USA) for a more precise lacing system. Oval gray laces.
      • Weight: One size 9 shoe weighs 8.65 ounces (245 grams)

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 38 reviews Write a review

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 42 reviews
        Tom Monahan

        Comfortable. Different looking to shoes I’ve previously wore

        Incredibly Durable!

        These are really fantastic, long lasting shoes! I wear shoes hard and was getting sick of throwing out sneakers so I thought I'd try these out, and I have been very impressed! I bought these 3 years ago and they are still going strong. About a year and a half ago I got them resoled by a local shoe repair shop for about $50. The fabric on the uppers is in fantastic shape and will definitely last for a few more resole cycles. I actually ripped a small hole in the uppers a few weeks after getting the shoes by walking into some sharp metal. I was very pleasantly surprised that in the 3 years since, that rip hasn't spread or grown at all. Any other shoe would have been trash in a month! All this is to say, if you're looking for a durable and comfortable sneaker, I would highly recommend this shoe!

        Thank you for taking the time to review your three-year-old shoes! We love your review, knowing your shoes are serving you so well. It makes our day! Congratulations on finding a local cobbler. The way to go!!!
        SOM Team


        Very well made shoes

        Alex Lopez
        Excellent all purpose shoe

        Been wearing these shoes daily for a little over a month and I've gotta say, I've really enjoyed it. The wider toe box makes my feet very happy, the design is sleek, and I've been able to run in these, stand all day, and hike trails in these with no problem at all. The first week or two, these shoes felt a bit clunky, but I did come from wearing Xero speed forces, so having a shoe with an actual sole does have its own adjusting to do. Very happy to own these and plan on buying other SOM shoes soon!

        We appreciate the time you took to review our shoes. We are happy they are serving you well. Keep up on moving!
        SOM Team

        Austin Young
        My Favorite Shoes

        I've had these shoes for two months now and I love them. I've worn them everyday for about 10-13 hours a day. They're really comfortable and they seem incredibly durable. I've never had a pair of shoes fit so well as soon as I put them on, I usually have to try another size or two. Very pleased with these shoes and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

        Thank you for your sweet recommendation. This will help potential customers to try comfortable shoes. We can't wait to hear about your SOMs' adventures. SOM Team