We told you this day would come!

After months of hard work, numerous changes, and a couple of surprises, we are proud to announce that we are back in production! You have all been incredibly patient as we have navigated these last months—and we couldn't resist one more teaser email— so thank you! We took a bit longer before sending out this newsletter as we wanted to wait until we could share all of the details of our release with you, so without further delay SOM Footwear presents:

SOM Models


We’d like to introduce you to the newest members of the SOM family: the Norwood and the Good Mood.  Offering SOM Footwear’s same design concept complementing your natural movement, these models feature a number of improvements making them more flexible and more stable than before.  The updated look and materials come together to create truly unique footwear made right here in the USA.

Norwood SOM Footwear

The Norwood is ready to fit your lifestyle with its sharp looks!  Providing the durability of our Cordura upper without sacrificing stylish details, this is one of our most versatile models.  Named for where SOM got its start, the Norwood is SOM's take on the traditional black shoe. Its fresh feel and maximum comfort make it great for any occasion.  Good Mood SOM Footwear

The Good Mood blends natural fibers with casual comfort.  Offering a more casual option with its forest green organic hemp upper and light-colored toe box, the Good Mood is perfect for day to day wear. A palette of earth tones brings the outdoors to your feet while enveloping your toes in a breathable, natural fiber lining. The Good Mood is sure to put a spring in your step!


We are accepting pre-orders for both pairs at our special launch prices until March 31st. The Norwood will ship as the orders were received beginning the last week in March with the Good Mood following shortly after in April.  While these promotional prices cannot be combined with our repeat customer discount, shipping is still free for all of our repeat SOM-os. For international orders, please see our international shipping information.

Pre-order here!

Pre-order both the Norwood and the Good Mood now to enjoy our thank you gift!  We are excited to include a pair of our very own socks with your two orders.  Made of merino wool, these socks will keep your feet extra comfy. Plus, they are made right here in Colorado by our friends at SOS Socks!


We are always striving to serve more feet and are pleased to announce that we have expanded our size offerings.  SOMs are now available from a men’s size 4.5 through size 16.  Our current models are also vegan-friendly as we have added a durable faux leather to our materials.


We plan to release two more models this year to meet your more adventurous and more formal needs. Our limited edition pattern models will also be making a return throughout the year, so keep your eyes open! The option to order your customized pair of SOMs will return this year as well with our SO Me model.  We have a lot going on and are eager to share it with you; this newsletter is the best place to stay up to date.

We are excited to be back in production and taking orders. Thank you for your patience over the recent months. We look forward to serving more feet even better!  



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  • Happy Spring, guys and congratulations on the new shoes! might have to get the Norwoods, for the heck of it..

    noelle lepel cointet
  • I have ordered the Norwood and am anxious for them to arrive. I can hardly wait to try them on. This will be my first order and have been waiting for them to become available.

  • Yeah! Now to choose between the two! Congrats and glad you are using hemp and staying USA made!

  • So good to have you back!

    Markus Lier
  • Robin,

    Currently, we do not have a lay-away program for our shoes. Our pre-order pricing is the best pricing we can offer. We believe that they represent a good value with the ability to be resoled. I hope that we will be able to serve your feet.

    SOM Team

    SOM Team

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