Have SOMs, Will Travel: Moving Comfortably into Fall

Cooler Weather Calls for Cozy Toes

Our mountains have already seen their first dusting of snow here in Colorado.  As we move solidly into autumn, we’ve prepared by stocking more of our comfy Merino Wool socks.  With a new style arriving soon and both made in Colorado, we’ve got the perfect companion to your chilly weather needs (second only to hot cider.)  Soft and breathable, these socks perform just as well hiking as they do in front of a fireplace.  We’re looking forward to enjoying all our favorite fall activities, while keeping our toes cozy. 

Fall in Colorado

A Little Curiosity Goes a Long Way

At SOM Footwear, we like to ask a lot of questions.  When you purchase a pair of SOMs, chances are you too are subjected to this strong curiosity of ours. We are always asking for information and feedback on our sneakers to help us better understand your needs and keep us going in the right direction.  For all of you who have taken the time to contribute, thank you! 

Recently, we have been looking to our customers for their own personal answers to “Why SOM?”  We read each and every response that comes our way—they are interesting, informative, and sometimes surprising.  The reason for “Why SOM?” that caught our eye this month was focused on travel.  Looking for a lightweight and packable shoe led this customer to check out SOM Footwear.  In the times of weight-restricted suitcases, having a comfortable and versatile pair of travel shoes that takes up little space while adding virtually no weight is a wonderful thing. It turns out several of our other customers thought so as well.

Fall SOM shoes

“Just finished a day traveling around Mt. Hood after a week on the Oregon Coast for the eclipse. Beach, rocky trails, forest trails and an enjoyable first class restaurant…all in our one pair of SOMs. Airports, security, driving, and hanging out were all made more comfortable with our SOMs.” -A.R. of Colorado

“I thought I’d take my SOMs as a backup pair for a trip to Geneva and Vienna, then decided, a little hesitantly, to take them as my only pair.  They proved to be excellent travel shoes for city walking and public transport in very hot weather.  I was never in a situation where they did not work well.  And for my feet, the wide toe box is perfect." -J.S. of New York

“These shoes have been wonderful! I wear them everywhere! I recently returned from a 2 week trip to the North East. I spent time hiking trails through the Adirondacks, Rye Beach in NH and many towns in Vermont. My SOMs handled everything wonderfully!” -M.J. of Mississippi

So when you’re packing that bag for holiday travel, keep in mind all the other great things you could bring instead of 3 extra pairs of shoes.

Walking a Mile In Your Shoes

Speaking of traveling, have we mentioned that we like to live vicariously through our shoes?  It stokes our sense of adventure (and warms our hearts) to see where your SOMs take you.  The next time you find yourself somewhere neat, we invite you to snap a photo and share the moment with us, too!  You can email photos to us or use your favorite social media platform to #showusyourSOMs.

SOM Bike rideSOMs taking a Sunday cruise, snapped by papaT of Fresnso, CA



Manufacturing Day in Your Own Community

On Friday, October 6th we are hosting a Manufacturing Day event here at our factory in Montrose.  A “celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers” MFG Day is a great way for facilities around the country to open their doors and give the public a peek into what Made in America looks like. For our part, we’ll be giving an in depth look into shoemaking from concept to completion.

If you are in the area, we invite you to join us for the event.  You can see more about it here. MFG Day is celebrated throughout the states, so you can also check out this handy map  to find and attend an event near you (or travel to see something new.)  Be sure to let us know what you learn!

Manufacturing Day SOM Footwear

Do you have questions about making shoes or manufacturing in the US in general?  Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter (@somfootwear) to ask SOM.  We’ll be happy to answer all your burning manufacturing questions—unless you are a spy from another shoe company, in which case we know nothing.

Colorado Made … and It Shows

Shoes Made in ColoradoWe consider ourselves quite lucky to be making our barefoot inspired shoes in such a beautiful part of the country.  Our shoes aren’t made in a vacuum (actually they are crafted in a lovely factory with windows and good music) and are influenced by the environment around us.  When you look a little closer, you can see the qualities our shoes and our state share here.



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