Dec. 2023 - Here is to being on the right side of the dirt.

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May each of you wake up on the right side of the dirt and have a chance to enjoy fun times in your SOMs. In the spirit of the holidays, we review the upgrades on our most recent models, explain why we resole only once, get ready to welcome the new year with last-minute gift ideas, and announce a new casual model—introducing, of course, our winners of the month.

The right side of the dirt

The sun is shining; it feels like spring, and having a beer sitting outdoors on a terrace. By the time you read this, the weather may have changed – well, it is December, after all – but the love in our hearts is the same. We are light and delighted because the new year is almost here. With it, there are always some reasons for excitement. Are we excited because the days will grow longer and we’ll have more time to play after work? It helps, for sure.

One thing that makes us smile; we woke up alive this morning. In itself, that is a success. We learned that from a very dear friend who checks in on us here and there to make sure: “You guys are still on the right side of the dirt,” he likes to say.

Here we are, dear SOM’s community members: we wish each of you the privilege of waking up alive and finding a way to have SOMs fun during your day, as there is nothing more important than that. May your feet bring you where your heart wants to go. Bring some friends along and enjoy the moment like it is your very last day. Keep it up daily, and you’ll be happy, like our dear friend.

Enjoy SOMs fun like it is your last day.

New all-in-black faux suede: The Suede Elevate

We are adding a new all-black faux-suede casual model to end this year. It mimics the Norwood Classic but is made entirely of faux suede with black stitching. Subtly conventional, it will be your go-to shoe when decorum is required, and no one will suspect the smile on your feet with all the barefoot freedom you can’t live without.

You get $10 off on the new release until Dec. 14th. We'll ship as soon as your size is ready.

Suede Elevate Launch Price until Dec. 14, 2023

Order sooner rather than later so we can ship by December 14 to ensure your package arrives in time for Christmas. Please remember that all SOM shoes leave our factory in Colorado, where winter can interfere with shipping and cause weather-related delays.

The models we launched in 2023 

Since the beginning of the year, we have launched several new models of shoes. First, we upgraded the Nutrail Cross Sport and the Nutrail Air. We reinforced the lace band by adding some TPU under the suede material for better adhesion and added an extra stitch to attach the lace band more securely.

Models we launched in 2023

We combined the best of the Nutrail Cross Sport and the Nutrail Air regarding look and performance. And so we created the Nutrail Cross Sport NS2, which comes in the same SuperFabric material and is now available in gray as well as black.

The Nutrail Reflect (NRN) now replaces the Nutrail Air. The NRN offers a highly resistant and reflective mesh with the same breath-ability.

The Trailhead family, with its traditional lacing system, has grown with several new models: The TH4 in gray SuperFabric, The Zappy in light gray mesh, and, most recently, the Zappy Reflect, made with the same reflective and highly resistant mesh used on the Nutrail Reflect. Adding the Zappy completed our offering to those who prefer the traditional lacing system. Simply put, we constantly work on making our shoes more durable and comfortable for every customer.

Why do you resole only once? 

Some of you have requested to have your shoes resoled more than once. Unfortunately, we cannot do that for a simple reason. By resoling our sneakers, we double their lifetime. Removing the old worn sole from the upper causes stress on an upper that obviously may show signs of wear over time. There is a significant risk of tearing the material on the upper the second time, which we don’t want to take. Please visit our resoling page for more details.


When is it ready for resoling?

No Coals in Your Stocking

If your loved ones have been good this year and you are looking for something other than coals to put in their stockings, here are some suggestions from us and our lovely Colorado makers.

No coal in your stockings this year.

Do you know someone who needs to take baby steps to convert to barefoot-style shoes? Katy Bowman’s book teaches 20 exercises to transition safely and effectively from conventional shoes to more natural footwear. You can pick up your copy here.

Katy Bowman's book teaches 20 exercises for a good transition to barefoot-style shoes.

The North Carolina-made cotton athletic socks are a popular choice. Vivid and energetic colors remind you that your SOM adventures await. 75% cotton, ankle-high, with compression arch and cushioned heel. Get yours here.

The North Carolina-made cotton athletic socks

Step into the holiday season with style and offer the gift of comfort. A SOM Gift Card is the easiest way to make the feet world better. Gift cards are emailed when we process your order and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. You print it or forward the email to your loved ones.

This year offer the gift of comfort.

Visit Vermont Sticky and discover delicious organic maple syrup products. Krista and her family innovate to make healthier choices using maple sugar, ensuring it is never over-sweetened,such as their delicious hot cocoa. The family brings fresh maple syrup back to their small mountain town every year.

Vermont Sticky directly from Colorado

Our favorite pure, non-chemical beeswax candles are made here in Montrose, and we proudly support their work. Bluecorn candles are a classic offering in stockings.

Bluecorn pure beeswax candles made in Montrose, Colorado

High-quality herbal tea is not that easy to find on the grocery shelves. When you start to read the ingredients, there is often something you don’t want, like some flavor added or extracts of other mysterious ingredients.  Reach out to Elevation Mountain Grown Herbal Tea from Hotchkiss, Colorado,  they have it all figured out.

Mountain Grown Herbal Tea Elevation from Colorado

Alpen Confections makes the best delicate, flavorful bonbons with inspired taste combinations. Offer your loved ones these gems of the Rockies.

The gems of the Rockies with Alpen Confections.

We love to support passionate people like us, and Eric, from Cimarron Coffee Roasters, is our favorite passionate person among all the coffee shops in town.

Cimarron Coffee is the best coffee roasted by a passionate.

If hard liquor is your thing, Storm King Distilling might be all you want. With their national Best American Whiskey Award earned this year in Kentucky, you are in for a treat.

Storm King Distilling, national American Best Wiskey Award in Kentuchy.

Last but not least, LaNoue Dubois Winery steps up a notch year after year with more sophisticated "wine" notes. We suspect their traditional and high-quality wine-making approaches will soon distance them from the rest. Being an early supporter will keep you in the loop if they become so popular that they sell out their products before you know it. Take advantage of their debut while you can.

LaNoue Dubois Winery, a secret well kept.
When you order from any of our featured Colorado producers, tell them you heard about them from your favorite SOM shoes! We do not receive any commission or other proceeds from these companies; we just love to support our Colorado makers.

Last Chance Models

The inventory is getting low, but we still have popular sizes available among our Last Chance models at a great low price. To see if your size is still available, visit the Last Chance Models page; a list of available sizes appears at the top. Enjoy before they are gone!

Visit the last chance models with reduced prices

Survey Giveaway Winners

Keep contributing to our survey with your contagious enthusiasm. It makes us smile and grow. You are awesome.

The winners are:

  1. Thomas M, from Douglas, KS
  2. Jerry W, from Orchard Park, NY
  3. Eric W. from Fairborn, OH

Each winner will get a $20 gift certificate emailed to them individually. When the recipient uses the certificate, we will send a surprise gift inspired by their answers. Thank you all for taking the time to tell us more about yourselves.

Testimonials: SOM Footwear Fuel

Your survey answers are often beautiful testimonials. We are grateful to receive your comments and appreciate your continuing support. Here are some of the comments we love to read:

“This was my first pair of barefoot shoes, and they are comfortable! I’ve worn them every day, which has helped improve my health since purchasing them in Spring 2022. ” Rosie C. from Sunnyvale, CA

“Keep making great shoes!” Brad B. from Urbandale, VA

“I appreciate your continual drive for excellence, and I'm trying to get everybody wearing these.” Gordon S. from Elizabethton, TN

“Six months, and I’m impressed. I love these shoes!” Rowan A. from Taipei, Taiwan

My SOM shoes lasted longer than any other daily-driver shoes I’ve ever owned. James MI. from Reno, NV

I’m 55, an active volunteer firefighter, and a real estate broker. Only recently did I discover that these should totally relieve my foot pain (of years!). Now I wear them every day. If you made a Gore-Tex pair, that would be amazing. I spend so much time hiking in the rain. Corey D. from Manzanita, OR

Happy Holidays from SOM Footwear Team!

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