Changes to the Trailhead, and introducing new models!

Success means growth, and growth means change. We take customer service seriously and listen to what our customers are telling us so, without feedback, we would be unaware of what’s working and what isn't. Because we have wonderful customers who let us know if there's an issue with any of our shoe models, we are able to respond quickly and will do everything within our control to fix it. Communication helps us to grow, and encourages better relationships with our customers. So, with that said, we want to share with you that we have made some additions and positive changes to our Trailhead model. 


Last week we announced two new models, the Camo Navy and Camo Combat,  inspired by our US militaries. The lightweight material is an all-terrain 100% cotton ripstop fabric, free from chemical treatments: durable, breathable, and flexible - great for the outdoors!

Camo NavyCamo Combat

The Trailhead has a new look: we call it Trailhead 2. Still with the same features, material, and overall shape, the differences are the sideband which has been extended to the toe-box, and the "pear-shaped" center pattern. In doing this, we have improved the production aspect of the Trailhead, along with increasing its durability. 

Trailhead 2


New Sole Mates added, so be sure to check and see what’s available! Sole Mates are shoes which were made ‘unique’ during the beginning of the design process and are offered at a lower price. 

Sole Mate Urban Trekker Burgundy

We have started a Facebook Group;  please join us using this link, or search SOM Footwear - Adventure Group.

We love hearing from you, so please share your experiences with us!  Feel free to send us pictures or videos of you and your SOMs. 

Last Call

We have a limited supply of specially made double-sided headbands. Our current holiday promotion, which runs until the end of this month, is offering one of these headbands as a gift with the purchase of a pair of shoes, and a pair of socks at a reduced price.

Double-sided headband sock promotion

Our Merino Wool SOM socks with the Colorado flag have sold out and are no longer in stock, but they will be back this spring with a new look! Our merino wool ankle-length Happy Toes socks with reinforced heel and toe, and the Cool Max GO Play! socks, are still available. 

We are running low on Snaplaces, and we don’t know when - or if - we’ll be able to get more.  Snaplaces are no-tie laces that transform any shoes into your easy on, easy off pair. What we have left is about what remains of the Snaplaces company’s stock, so be sure to get some now, as before long they might be gone for good! 

Snaplaces, no tie laces


The SOM Team wants to remind you: please leave us a review about your shoes or your experience shopping with us. These are so important to us, and we appreciate you sharing your thoughts with others and spreading the word! 

Merry Christmas from SOM Footwear

Here is what some people had to say lately… 

“I've been wearing birks for decades and the last several years altras, and in just one stroll, it looks like these will replace them all soon. Thanks again for such stellar customer service and for what looks to be a great product! - M. E Utah 

“First of all, I love the shoes!  I have a wide forefoot and a narrow heel and these shoes fit me remarkably well.  The wide toe-box allows my toes to splay properly. I have found this aspect of the Trailhead's fit is the main reason why I wear these shoes most of the time. They are extremely comfortable when I am on my feet all day at school to running and Crossfit workouts.  I have had two pairs of your original SP shoes and the Trailhead fits me better and feels more stable and "solid". This had lead me to consider that the Trailhead will be more durable than the SP models I have had. Having said that, when my last pair of SPs falls off my feet, I will be sad.  My last thought, I have had to "adapt" the Trailheads to running in the snow by adding Yaktraks and a gaiter, not a real concern. All in all, I love the Trailheads and will getting another pair in a few months!” - G.B of Colorado

“I have already been wearing  my SOMs outdoors in the snow etc... LOVE THEM!  thank you so much. So happy my son was visiting and I asked him about the shoes he was wearing.   =) “ - J.H of Washington

Please leave us a review and let us know how we are doing! And if you are looking for some readings, look up our blogs here.

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