Year Round Value vs. Discounts and Coupons

We’d like to take a moment to express how shopping for value, versus shopping for discounts, makes more sense in the long-term and why we believe that providing our customers with consistent value makes more sense than coupons, flash sales, and discount codes.


value versus price when shopping for minimalist shoes 


In today’s modern culture, the pace of life always seems to be hectic: ever-present family responsibilities, looming deadlines at work, extra-curricular activities and hobbies; not to mention the day-to-day maintenance of just existing! We haven’t even talked about leisure time and time with friends!


Shopping for value puts you time and money ahead in the long-run



This culture makes us feel like if we aren’t getting ahead, we’re falling behind; an unfortunate trend that has only gotten worse with the always-on connectivity of society in the smartphone age. Because we’re constantly driven to squeeze every last ounce out of ourselves and our day, picking up a quick deal lets us feel like we’ve “gotten ahead” just by being a savvy shopper. Here are the top 4 reasons why we believe you’re worth getting the best deal all year-round!

  1. Value versus price - SOMs are designed from the ground up (literally) with value in mind. Having a versatile, go-anywhere, do-anything shoe constructed from quality materials here in America, that will replace multiple other pairs of shoes and last for years far outweighs the slightly higher initial cost. We also offer affordable re-soleing (or FREE if you’re a repeat customer!) to keep your SOMs on your feet and out of the landfill. Think about it: if you need to buy a specialty shoe for running, another for hiking and a third pair to wear to work; the costs add up staggeringly fast! SOMs are versatile, stylish, come with a workmanship guarantee, are easy to order online (a 30 day risk-free trial and free returns and exchanges) and you’re supporting a young, enterprising company making American made shoes that REALLY cares about quality and sustainability. How many pairs of shoes at the Giant Superstore can say that?

lower prices all the time are better than coupons and discounts at som footwear


  1. Consistently lower prices all the time - I think we have all seen those car commercials where they try to lure you down to the dealership by dangling something “for free” in front of your face like a “free” TV, a “free” grill or any number of other gimmicks just to activate that I-need-a-deal mentality. The truth is: nothing in life is free. That car dealership is just jacking up the price of the car to pay for all the “freebies” that sound good up front, but in reality you are paying for once it comes time to open your wallet. We pride ourselves on being an ethical company and want to be upfront with our customers about all that we do. It just doesn’t feel right to charge more for our products all the time to offset the lower prices allowed by a coupon or discount code. A core tenant of what we do here is simple: no secrets! We would rather provide a high-quality American made sneaker at fair prices ALL the time than jack up prices so we can periodically offer a discount. Our customers deserve the best product at the best price all the time!
Customer satisfaction and happy feet are our priorities at SOM Footwear

  1. Charity shoes and local customers - Another core value that we hold near and dear to our hearts is giving back to the community that has been so good to us. We love making our wide toe box minimalist shoes and are so fortunate to do what we love every day! We have certain shoes that we could offer for cheaper for various reasons (older models, design evolution, etc..) but we choose to donate many of these models to local charities. We like to support local events and our walk-in customers to the factory outlet store, so some of the models we produce that have a very small manufacturing oopsie are offered for $5 - $10 off to our local friends, but we feel you need to see these shoes in person and decide if they are right for you, so we do not offer these for sale online or through discount codes. You should 150% be satisfied with your purchase from SOM Footwear, so we want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want!

SOM footwear donates shoes to charity

  1. Customer Service / Shipping - So many interactions with companies these days is either automated, outsourced, or just plain not that great! While many companies have embraced the discount code or coupon mentality, what are they sacrificing to offer those “deals”? If this cost is not artificially inflated up front, the company providing the deal or discount has to cut that cost somewhere! We can assure you that every one of our customers is taken care of by a real live person, right here at the factory, who’s #1 passion is providing you with out-of-this-world customer service and making sure you are happy, from the toes up! We also take the pain and uncertainty out of ordering shoes online by offering free exchanges and returns, free shipping on all orders after your initial order, and a 30 day risk-free trial to make sure your SOMs will serve you well. You can read more about that here: We will never sacrifice quality or service in order to make our bottom line look better. Never.

We are so excited to share our passion for a happier life from the ground up with all of our customers every single day! We want you to know that we constantly evaluate how we can best serve you and make the best footwear on the planet every single day. Thank you for supporting our vision and our commitment to quality, minimalist-inspired footwear!

 Made in USA shoes at SOM Footwear


You are not just a 20% off discount code to us: you are our inspiration, our motivation and the reason for our dedication. Smart shopping means shopping for value and making sure the product you get is going to last. We are so excited to demonstrate our value to you day in and day out. Quality, service, and ethos drive everything we do. So instead of a 20% code, make sure you get 150% awesome footwear, all year long, right here at SOM! Cheers for now!

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