Newbie to SOM Footwear Company

My experience as a new team member of SOM Footwear: I have to tell you this is my first experience working in this industry. I’ve worked for a larger small manufacturer but never have worked for a manufacturer with just a few employees, and seeing what such a small team can produce is amazing.

Ralph expressing his first impression with SOM Footwear

As I'm new to this, I must say it is very impressive.  It is impressive how a small manufacturing company works, especially in a crowded field. SOM created a shoe that has struck a chord with many folks.  Also, changing the way people think about walking in flat (zero drop) shoes and, for people who have had foot issues, wearing a SOM shoe has simply helped their foot health.

 They make a great product and it is such a pleasure to see the comments that people make about their SOM Shoe adventures. When people make a comment about how delighted they are to find a shoe that’s made in America. This is what really sets this company apart. Many comments are from folks who are happy they found a shoe that mimics walking barefoot.

I am pleased to be a team member and I am hoping to contribute and help the company grow. They are always looking for innovative ways to make improvements and this is refreshing to see. Small and medium businesses are what keeps our economy going. It’s nice to see how this company contributes their share.

When you see a company like SOM Footwear, they are always creating new products and improving the manufacturing process. All of this with a team of just a few people, with a goal to offer the best product they can.

A small manufacturer in Montrose, Colorado. What a great place to have SOM adventures.

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