Colorado Pride

American flag made in the USA.Colorado flag made in Colorado.

"If I can't make my shoes here in the USA, then I won't make them at all"

-Olie Marchal, SOM Footwear founder 

Choosing to make sneakers here in America was an easy decision for SOM founder Olie Marchal. By keeping our manufacturing in the United States, we are able to oversee every part of the production process from start to finish. We are not only able to control our quality and safety standards, but we also have the ability to make changes and improvements as we please.

So why is Colorado the perfect place for a shoe factory?

1.) It's the perfect place to test our latest products and prototypes.

Nathalie Bouchard puts the SP-L3 running shoe to the test.

From the pavement to the rugged Rocky Mountains and the peaceful red sand deserts, we are perfectly positioned to put our product to the test. We do all the "hard work" to test the durability of our shoes so you can wear them with confidence right out of the box.

In this aspect, the key advantage to manufacturing in our hometown is that we can immediately make changes, tweaks and improvements without having to go through a third party or another manufacturer.

2.) Photoshop not necessary.

Colorado made SOM Footwear makes an apprearance at Cascade Falls in Ouray.

You won't find any green screens in this factory. For our photo shoots, we pack up the van and head out to our playground. More often than not, our "location scouting" takes place on one of our weekend adventures in the public lands surrounding our beautiful little town. We have beautiful high desert scenery 20 minutes North of the factory, and views of the stunning San Juan Mountains right outside our doorstep.

3.) We are able to bring manufacturing to a small rural community.

While our factory may still be on the small side (compared to companies who mass produce shoes) we feel that we are making a big impact on our little community. Hiring local craftsmen and women helps to keep our local economy sustainable and our factory outlet store has become an attraction for locals and visitors alike. We also give back to our community whenever we can by supporting awesome events like Free Film Night at our favorite local brewery and the Montrose Area Bicycle Alliance's annual Pedal Up to Clean Up event.

The SOM Footwear team participated in the Montrose Area Bicycle Alliance's 2nd annual Pedal Up to Clean Up Event.


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  • Hi. Was more than pleased to read SOM manufacturing will stay local The shoes will always be better shoes for staying local.
    Another footwear company had it’s start in Paonia, CO. I loved the shoes! Then it sold out and the footwear was manufactured in China. Needless to say, quality is not what it used to be and I no longer purchase the product. Disappointed!
    Many kudos to you! I salute your commitment!

    Chyrel Wilson

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