My Sense of Motion

When shoe maker Olie Marchal decided to create his own shoes, he didn't search for the latest technology or come up with any marketing gimmicks. Instead, he used common sense to create a shoe that was light and comfortable. A shoe that would mimic the feeling of being barefoot and allow you to rediscover your original sense of motion.

Rediscovering your original sense of motion is like recreating those very first steps you took as a toddler. It doesn't involve technology, in fact, we can't think of anything more instinctive and beautiful than your body just doing it's thing. It's that wonderful, natural feeling of freedom you get when your feet are grounded to the earth. Your toes are spread and you feel perfectly balanced. You become one with your body and the Earth.

A good pair of sneakers will make you feel like you are walking barefoot.

Everyone's sense of motion is unique. Your sense of motion is your way of naturally moving through life.

Sense of Motion Footwear made in Colorado, USA.

At SOM Footwear, our sense of motion is inspired by the mountains and the beautiful sunshine that warms our souls (and soles!). It's reconnecting with your body and the ground that you walk on. It's getting the most out of every adventure. It's walking on your own two feet the way that nature intended.

 Enjoy nature in SOM Footwear.

Picture yourself navigating your way across a ridge line and being able to feel your foot flex and move naturally across boulders. When your foot is unrestricted, you're allowing it to function instinctively. Leave the fancy foam, springs and coils in the lab and let your feet do what they know best.

Imagine walking to the subway station downtown or strolling along the boardwalk. Your gait is natural and carefree as you confidently make your way through the crowd.

As you browse your favorite gallery or watch your favorite musician up on stage, your feet are flat and your toes are spread out. You are standing naturally, like you do when you are barefoot. Your posture is natural and relaxed. 

Your sense of motion is the way you move through life. What does your sense of motion look like? Follow us on social media and tag your photos with #MySenseOfMotion to share your SOM with the world!

Fans show us what their sense of motion looks like.

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