I've been tying my shoes wrong my entire life

How I learned to tie my shoes.

When I was in preschool, I remember learning how to tie my shoe on a paper plate with a shoe lace.

I was shown two different ways- the one bunny ear method and the two bunny ear method. I preferred the two bunny ears and that's the only way I've been tying my shoes for the past 20 something years.90's gym class scooter!

At an early age I started double knotting my sneakers. There was nothing worse than getting your shoe lace stuck in the wheel of your scooter in gym class (am I right, 90's kids?). Note: running over your fingers was pretty unpleasant, too.

This morning I stumbled across this TED Talk about the best way to tie your shoes, and it made me realize that I've been doing it wrong my whole life! Needless to say, I won't be double tying my shoes anymore!

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to putting this trick to the test. I will report back after riding my bike home tonight, running with my dog and getting in a good plyometrics workout. Let me know in the comments if it worked for you!

Halloween laces on my black sneakers.While on the subject of tying shoes, I was thinking about Halloween coming up and how cool it would be to put orange laces on my black SP-L3s. I did a little browsing and found some cool ways to lace your shoes.




















It's pretty cool how the color of your laces can completely change the look of your sneakers. I think I'm going to keep the oranges for around town and change back into my black ones for my back country adventures. I also like to occasionally use white laces when I want to dress up my shoes a little. There's just something so nice about a fresh new pair of white laces! When I'm hiking and trail running I like to keep the standard way of lacing (the way they come out of the box).

Our special way of tying shoes for extra precision.Have you ever noticed that SOMs come laced slightly differently than other sneakers? We do this so that you can more precisely tighten or loosen your shoes depending on your needs. This really comes in handy when you are running or hiking downhill. Keeping the top of your shoe laced a little tighter will prevent your foot from moving around and stop your toes from hitting the front of your shoe.

Photo sources: Pinterest.com

Video Source: Youtube.com


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