10 reasons SOM will be your new favorite sneaker

All of our shoes are staff tested and customer approved! Wondering what it is about SOM shoes that sets them apart from the rest? Here's what our customers would tell you-

You aren't a walking billboard. Sick of the same generic sneakers that are all plastered with logos and brand names? Stand out with SOM Footwear's simple, fun designs. Our shoes look just as good in the back country as they do on the city streets. Plus, you won't look like you are getting paid to advertise them (although we encourage you to check out our rad referral program and actually get paid to wear them).

SOM Footwear minimalist shoes made in the USA.

"So far I've worn them hiking, to brunch, a concert, and to work, and they look and feel great everywhere!"

B.B. - Peninsula, OH

Unbelievable comfort. Have you ever had to call it quits because your dogs were killing you? We have, which is why we created a shoe that is above all else comfortable. Just ask SOM founder Olie Marchal and his wife Nathalie Bouchard, who both ran the Cart to Cart 19 mile race in Crested Butte, Colorado this past weekend.

SOM Footwear are commonly used as running shoes.

Natural foot shaped sole. One reason why our shoes are so dang comfortable is because they don't squish your toes. Unlike most conventional footwear, our shoes allow your toes to splay out naturally like they do when you are barefoot.

"The wide toe box allows you to spread your toes as you walk/run, and doing so has helped with the plantar fasciitis that I was struggling with."


Lightweight. Weighing in at just 7.5 ounces (for one size 9 shoe), you might forget that you are even wearing shoes! A lot of our customers say they are as comfortable as slippers.

"They are the most comfortable shoes ever."

M.R.- Scottsdale, AZ

Durable. Just because they are light and comfortable doesn't mean they won't last. Our shoes have been put to the test by both our staff and SOM-Os and the results have exceeded many expectations!

All of our shoes are handmade on demand, offering you the highest quality American made minimalist shoes on the market.

"One of the first things I noticed was that, despite their very light weight, the construction and materials are of excellent quality."

J.E.- Knoxville, TN

Zero drop. Ditch the elevated heel and go natural! Having a completely flat shoe (also known as zero drop) allows you to stand, walk and run the same way you would if you were barefoot.

"Don't know how I ever thought I was comfortable in all my cramped, heavy shoes before."

T.P. - Laredo, TX

Removable insole. We believe that less is more, which is why our shoes do not offer any arch support. (Podiatrists believe that arch support only weakens your foot and makes it dependent on the support.) If your feet have special needs and do require an orthotic or special insert, you can very easily remove our insole and replace it with your own.

"I've used orthotics for years and was happy to see they fit nicely in the SOM shoes while still giving me a sense of the nice flexibility of the sole."

C.P. - Bowie, MD

Flexible sole. We know that you don't want your foot to feel like it's in a cast every time you have to wear shoes. Neither do we! Our soft and flexible Vibram sole will allow you to connect with the earth and will mimic the wonderful feeling of being barefoot.

"I love the weight, flexibility and comfort of my new SOM shoes!"

B.W.- Detroit, MI

Handcrafted in America. That's right, all of our shoes are made right here in the United States! We produce all of our shoes on demand, so you can expect the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Plus, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting jobs in the USA.

All of our sneakers are made in the USA.

"As a U.S. Military Veteran and native Coloradan, I am proud to support made in the U.S.A and more specifically designed/produced in Montrose, Colorado! Thank you!!"

O.H.- Canal Fulton, OH

Awesome customer service. The proof is in the testimonials! Our customers are the most important part of our business and we think you deserve to be treated so :)

"Once again, you have outstanding customer service--thank you for following up."

P.G. - Dover, MA

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