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As we start the new year, it's time to look back and analyze the progress that the SOM Footwear Team has made since the very first pair of shoes was produced and sold to our first customer. 

It's been a great challenge- but how exciting it's been to notice the evolution and improvements we've all made together! We've made tremendous progress in the seamstress aspect. Our outstanding seamstresses are now so efficient, fast and attentive to detail. The team in the "soling room" can barely keep up.

The "soling room" is where the upper part of the shoe is attached to it's in-sole, which is called "lasting". This is also where the rubber soles are cut, shaped and glued to the shoe. 

McKay sewing machine at SOM Footwear in Montrose, Colorado

At the end of December, we purchased a used McKay sewing machine (pictured above) which allows us to sew the rubber sole to the shoe without using a solvent adhesive. We now use a water based adhesive, which contains minimal chemicals and is much more environmentally friendly. Another advantage of the new glue is that it does not produce the same strong, unpleasant stench as the solvent adhesive that we've used in the past. This switch was a financial investment,  but it's one we feel good about- and we think you will too!

This is just to name a few improvements.

Overall, it's been a great journey and the greatest rewards are the feedback we constantly receive from our customers, which encourages us and helps us grow.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


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